Manual search Parsing?


Sonarr version (exact version):
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows): 5.12.0
Debug logs:
Description of issue: Just wandering is it possible to make the manual search parse results like what happenes when an autodownload is excecuted.
A couple of shows I get use the format SxxExxx, which is fine when it gets to episode 100 and above, but the extra 0 for episodes 1 - 99 doesnt get results when doing a manual search. I notice that in the logs, a regex query parses out the extra 0 when its being impoerted form the RSS sync.


It does, it’s the exact same thing except it doesn’t grab anything.

Everything goes through the same Regex, the difference is there isn’t a result for Sonarr to parse. If an indexer actually indexes things, searching for 099 or 99 wouldn’t make a difference, since it would ask for episode 99, for indexers that rely on exact matching it’s not going to work though.


OK, gotcha. I was thinking the manual search process backwards, but I understand now.
Suppose I just gotta hope TVChaos start adopting standard naming conventions.

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