Manual Search/Custom Filter/Rejection Type

I keep having the problem where I need to manually find older episodes where my preferred choices can’t be download from Usenet any more (incomplete).
The problem is that in the manual search results I have a lot of “Release is blocklisted” sprinkled in to other reasons like resolutions and custom filter mismatch - all of them showing rejected.
It would be really great if I could set up a filter to filter out every returned result that is blocklisted so I don’t have to hover over each one item to find out of it could be available - just to repeat that if that one fails again.
So a filter for rejection type would be great. Or even just a filter to get rid of blocklisted items if that’s easier.
When I am looking for versions to download, I really don’t want to see items that have been tried already and can’t complete.

Would the custom filter ’Rejection Count - less than - 1’ work for you?

Unfortunately not. I have things set up for example to get 720p only at x265 for new episodes, but on the backlog I may have to go to different resolutions or encodings if they don’t exist (any more) in what I prefer.
So there are still other reasons why it is being rejected - and therefore not automatically downloaded - other than the failed download.
That’s why I have to keep hovering over the reject icon to find out if it’s just the other reasons or if it failed.