Manual Import - soft or hard link mode wanted



in “Wanted” - “Manual Import”, we can choose move or copy files when importing each file.
This is great but it would be greater if you could add the hardlink or softlink file operation.

Indeed, when I download manually some series (direct download) or with my torrent client (without sonarr), I need to import manually for sonarr to parse the files and import them in the sonarr catalog. It is great and by doing so my files are currently move or copy to the serie location.

But the 2 operation allowed (move or copy) are not enough if I want to continue to share files in my torrent client (after a move) or if I choose “copy” the disk space is doubled (and I do not want that).

Do you think it is possible to add hard/soft link file operation in manual import ?



Copy will hardlink if enabled and hardlinks are supported.


Oh ok : thanks !! :slight_smile:


Where’s the enable hardlink setting?

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It’s enabled by default.

Media Management settings: Use Hardlinks instead of Copy (advanced setting).


Ahh, okay

Two questions, while have your attention?:

  1. What/where is the “rename function”

Occasionally, file locks may prevent renaming files that are being seeded. You may temporarily disable seeding and use Sonarr’s rename function as a work around.

  1. Are symbolic links supported, to avoid duplicate files when seeding

Thanks (in advance)

  1. Where is that mentioned?
    Not sure exactly what it’s supposed to mean, but something along the lines of pausing it, letting Sonarr’s Completed Download Handling import it (or using Manual Import) then re-enabling seeding.

  2. No. Hardlinking does that, as long as it’s on the same volume.


Sorry, neglected to give context

  1. Where is that mentioned?

Great, will try pausing next time I encounter this issue

  1. No. Hardlinking does that, as long as it’s on the same volume

TIL - I must have read and glazed over man ln so many times so thanks for prompting me to learn ln properly



Ahh right, depending on the system/torrent client, the file may be locked and Sonarr will be unable to import it.


OS X, Transmission - any insight?

Yours hopefully


Are you actually seeing issues with hardlinking? I’m not familiar with Transmission on OS X, but I haven’t had issues under Linux.


Yea, I do have hardlinking issues occasionally but I will try your pausing suggestion before I delve into this any further (e.g. try a new torrent client)

I would be interested to know if anyone else is suffering occasional hardlinking issues, what their setup is (i.e. operating system and torrent client) and how they fixed it (e.g. switching torrent client)

Ahh right, depending on the system/torrent client, the file may be locked and Sonarr will be unable to import it

In the meantime, I’d love you to elaborate on “file locking” or point me at a resource so I can understand what’s going on a bit better?

Thanks (in advance)


Not much to it, the file is locked for exclusive access.


Running both Sonarr and Transmission in Docker, the automated downloads and hardlinking works. I have never seen hardlinking work when using the manual import option. I verified by running ls -l in the target folder, which correctly shows a number higher than 1 when Sonarr is left to its own devices.

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