Manual import not detecting series & quality from files

Sonarr version (exact version):
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows): N/A
OS: Windows 10 Pro 20H2 19042.572
Debug logs:
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Description of issue: after a few weeks without using the option to import files manually and taking various updates, there is an issue that after open the folder where the files reside, sonarr is unable to detect the name of the series, chapter or episode, even the quality or if there is a conflict with the files!
an image to show the problem

Unable to parse the folder. this is a network mapped folder. parser is working correctly with local folders!

after all, i found out that the problem is how many files are in the folder! if there are more than 125 files, sonarr is not able to parse the folder! is this a new limitation of the program or something with my pc? i remember that sonarr parsed a folder with more than 125 files in the past! thanks for any advice!

It’s a new limitation, when the selected folder isn’t for a specific series and there are more than 100 files Sonarr will not process them automatically as it’s often indicative of a download directory that could take a considerable amount of time to process. You’re able to select the all the files and then select the series and Sonarr should handle the rest. Alternatively if you’re mass importing files for a single series, put the files inside a folder matching the series title and direct Sonarr at that folder.

thanks for the reply! is there is any way to bypass that? or even posible? in what version this was implemented? the folder i use is for sonarr to sort and move the files to the series folders after i converted then to x265 from various downloaded series, not a downloading one. in my case there is no worries for the time it takes sonarr to process all the files in the folder! never noticed any strange behavior before, maybe because my files are 300mb or less? thanks for your advice and help!

The only way to bypass it is to keep it under 100 items or use named series folders as a source.

Not sure offhand, there will be a mention of it in the changelog though.

Sonarr has no way to know the source of the files, nor does it care, the limit is there if the series isn’t part of the folder name it’s scanning.

The file size wouldn’t play a role in it, it’d come down to disk access, whether the files are local or on a network share.

100 items might be a bit low for the cutoff, we’ll think over changing it.

i bypassed the limitation just by creating folders with 100 files inside in the root folder, no need to be a folder with a series name, and just went to the root folder from sonarr missing/manual import/interactive import! sonarr detected all the files of all the folders without any problem! hope the developers don’t close that window that can help us with hundreds of files to sort! the folder here has 507 files!

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