Manual Import / Move Automatically Drone Factory in V3

Version -
Package Version - 3.0.6
Mono Version -

Now, back in the days of the old Drone Factory, I could throw most anything in that folder and Sonarr would pick it up, process it, etc, without fail.

But I’ve found that since moving to V3, I have to always manually import everything, interactively. If I click Automatically Move, nothing is moved. If I select Interactive Import, you can see that it’s correctly identifying shows, season and episode #s, and even if the file is not better / better than, etc.

So why does it not import anything dropped in this folder automatically?

Here’s a screenshot, showing matches that I would think it should import (minus the red ! item), as well as the log:

X Y Problem

Rather than trying to figure out why automatic move isn’t doing anything (those debug logs don’t show anything useful along those lines, probably need trace)…why not figure out why you think everything needs to be manually imported in the first place. Pretty much every implementation of drone factory we were seeing in recent times is due to a poor setup.

This is the issue - Sonarr is downloading some items via Torrent. Now, for whatever reason, if the torrent contains a straight-up MKV or MP4 file, it will import it correctly. But if the download is that of a ZIP file, Sonarr does not unzip the torrent file, therefore I have a script that runs at the end of the torrent download that unzips the files - Previously these files were placed in the Drone folder, and V2 would process them without a hitch. These are the files that Sonarr V3 is not processing. They remain in the Wanted list as an orange snatched(?) icon. So I then go an import them.

So, what is the point of the button labeled Automatically Move that appears after you click Import if it does not perform this function? It seems to move them perfectly when I instead choose Interactive Import and then check the ones that are needing to be imported.

I still do not see what you believe is the harm is having Sonarr import lose files. This worked perfectly in past revisions on Sonarr, but not in V3. I have often ripped my own DVD box sets, dropped them into the Drone folder with very basic naming (Frasier - S01E01.mkv), added the show, and then sure enough Sonarr would pull and process all of those episodes without ever having to search, download, etc. Add the show, scan drone folder, all files found, properly sorted and renamed, etc. This does not automatically happen any longer in V3 without manually checking a box next to each one in Interactive Import.

  1. Sonarr never has, nor likely will ever, unpack packed torrents.
  2. Your script is the problem. They should be unpacked to the same directory and not elsewhere and then Sonarr will pick up the files and import them. Also we recommended Unpackerr in lieu of random scripts given that it works directly with sonarr (and cleans up the unpacked files)
  3. The behavior you’re seeing around unpacked files is complete expected and they will stay in activity forever until you remove them since your current method isn’t allowing Sonarr to automatically import them. Sonarr will never, ever process them as there is nothing to process if no media file exists within that folder the download client claims the files are in.

  1. Again, the debug logs did not show anything useful nor related to Automatic Move not doing anything. Trace logs and more of the log would be useful for seeing why it’s doing what it is.
  2. Never said there was harm, but it is clear now that this was 100% a user caused problem and not at all related to sonarr (save for the questions around automatic move)
  3. That sounds expected. Drone factory is long dead. It will never happen automatically in Sonarr you have a few options:
  • Drop the files directly into the Series & Season folder; they will be detected on the next rescan, but will not be renamed.
  • Script a call to the API and trigger Automatic Move (after determining why it appears to not function)
  • The current Manual Import process.

Also you do not need to select each box 1x1… there is a select all button

Thanks for the reply. I’m going to give Unpackerr a try and see how well it goes.