Manual download from interactive search should force episode ID?


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I did an interactive search for an episode of a show that wasn’t being found, and in the search results I did find the episode that I was looking for but it was mis-labeled (but based on the upload date it was the right one). When it downloaded Sonarr identified it as a different episode based on the filename.

Would it make sense in those situations to force-identify the file as the episode I was originally searching for instead of trying to detect it?


If you look in history you should the grab event linked to the episode you searched for, if at import time a different decision is made it’s tough to say why. Generally what Sonarr can parse preferred over what grabbed the episode as, no different than Sonarr being able to parse it then determining it’s a different episode on the other side.


So I deleted the file and tried again (since I had already moved it). I’m clicking on the specific episode, going to interactive search, and then I find the file I want. The error exclamation says “Episode wasn’t requested” and “Wrong season” due to the mis-labeled SxxExx in the filename.

When I click “Add to download queue” it’s putting the history in the other episode, so it’s pre-identifying it as something else even though I’d prefer it to ID it for the ep I was specifically searching for.

I do understand though if what I prefer isn’t how it can work.


Ahh, I was thinking it was unknown, not known to be a different episode in manual search.

In this case Sonarr is working as intended, at the moment it’s not something we have plans to change.


That makes sense, and I think this is quite an edge case. Thanks!

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