Make this work with rclone and premiumize

So I’m trying to set up a VPS to serve jellyfin while using sonarr/radarr with my premiumize cloud. I have the blackhole set up properly and premiumizer is grabbing my blackhole torrents and is saving them to the root of my premiumize cloud. I then rclone into a directory for sonarr to check the downloads.
My issue comes when Sonarr tries to import and sort/rename all of my content. I would love for Sonarr to just rename and sort everything in the rcloned directory so it can reflect on premiumize cloud without any duplicates. As it stands it’s importing and creating duplicates of everything in the root of my premiumize cloud and isn’t deleting the originals. I’m also having slow imports probably because the watch folder is the same as the library/sorted folder.
Does anyone have a working setup using rclone+premiumize+sonarr and not writing things to disk but everything nicely sorted on the premiumize cloud?

The way you have described sounds very convoluted and complicated. And also the reason you’re getting duplicates etc. Loads of people, myself included, run cloud setups. You pretty much never want to use blackhole, and you want your setup to allow all the *arrs to function natively.

My advice would be just to go install and run an existing solution. Many of these have an active community and support so you can get everything working if you ever run in to any trouble. Some are perhaps abandoned now? And I’m sure there are others that I am unaware of. (formerly Gooby) formerly Plexguide

Also check out any of the relevant subreddits and also rclone forums for solutions and advice.

You can also just figure out how to do your rclone mount and then follow the setup per

Failing that, or if you really want to set everything up yourself from scratch, at least look at their implementations and mirror that.

Regardless of how you choose to proceed, this won’t be the best place for support in getting your initial setup done. This is sonarr app support only, and what you’re asking extends well beyond that.

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