Make Sonarr search titles of TV Shows instead of using TVDBID


I have torrents and NZBHydra set as indexers in Sonarr.

When searching for an episode of a somewhat rare TV show on Sonarr:

This is because Sonarr is searching using these parameters:

If Sonarr had searched using the title + Episode, this would have come up

The difference in the number of results is night and day.


If the indexer says they can search by TVBD ID then it is used, if they don’t or there are 0 results then Sonarr will do a title based search.


Is there any way to force the indexer to only let it search by Title?


No (and no plans for it), not sure if you can force NZB Hydra to do that.


I’ll try and ask NZBHydra devs to implement something then. However, I do believe this is something that would aide power users and has been requested a bunch of times.


Was able to achieve this by disabling ID based searches of all indexers in NZBHydra. Finally, getting decent amount of results

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