Looking for recommendations

I have been downloading torrents since the mid-2000s and (NEVER hear of/overlooked/was too idiotic to look into) used radarr/sonarr. I have about 70 TB of space used up in movies, tv shows, and music on my Synology DS1819+ and DX517.

I fully admit that my tv shows/movies/music folders/directories are a mess and only organized by the name of the folder, if I am lucky. An example:

\SynologyIP\TV could contain folders such as TVShowName, TVShowNameS01E01, or not even be in separate folders - just a bunch of loose files in the root of the directory.

The same is true with my Music and Movies directories. The only thing I have done properly is create folders for each section on 1 device - \tv, \movies, and \music all reside in separate directories and are all on the same volume - \music is all on volume 2, \movies is on volume 1, \tv is all on volume 1, etc.

My questions are as follows:

How would you implement the use of the program if you were in my shoes? Would you just start using the app for all new content and worry about the old stuff later? Would you setup sonarr to work its way through the old stuff first, keep the new stuff on a separate partition and then move the data over after it is done?

In other words, how would you act if you were in my shoes where you have a total of about 70TB of storage dedicated to TV/Movies/Music and realize that your current system is a mess?

Resources (or lack thereof) are as follows:
30TB of free storage between 2 volumes
A fair amount of available time (disabled and can put a few hours a day into this cleanup)
$0/very little to spend on this issue

Your thoughts?

Filebot to cleanup your mess first

Then should be able to import without much fuss