Lists like in Radarr

Is there any such on the road map planned?
I keep thinking of it from time to time that I would increase the number of downloads significantly if one were able to add actors, directors and such, just like in Radarr.
It did there for sure. Just by adding a handful of actors I got maybe 200-250 pending downloads, and it’s quite tedious to manually have to check each actors credit lists, on tvdb nonetheless (I really don’t like that webpage!) because in many cases it exists on imdb, but can’t be added since it’s not listed on tvdb. Regardless, tedious to check, contra having a automated import process and then finding out missing series and/or episodes and deal with it.

Huge time-saver if nothing else.

I really hope this feature will come to Sonarr.

Sorry for making a new thread, but the only one I found was around three years old and locked with no replies, so I hope this will get some more attention.

Thanks for the database/client-manager or whatever it’s called. Sonarr rox!
Best piece of software I’ve ever had the pleasure to use!

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