Library Import still showing shows already added

Sonarr version (
Mono version (it is running on windows):
OS: Windows
Description of issue:
So i had all my tv shows and cartoon shows in 1 folder and i recently separated the cartoons to a different folder, evidently the shows appeared with no episodes, when i added the new root folder, what i did was to manually correct all 350 shows path and it corrected the issue, the problem is library import (on the import series you already have) for that root folder keeps showing all the 350 shows, and everytime i add a new show i need for it to finish scanning all 350 existing shows (they appear as exisisting) for me to add the new shows. my question is how do i delete the files from the import section,. i get that a solution would be to delete the 350 shows and just reimport them again but its a hassle since i would have to correct the titles for most of them. so im wondering if there is a way to only delete them from the import series, or mark them as already imported.

Series Import is based on the folders that exist in the folder, excluding series with that exact path in Sonarr. You’ll want to remove any folders that are no longer relevant.

thank you for the reply
i just went to each of the missing series went to edit reselect the new root folder and put yes, move the files that reseted the library import

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