Latest Version for Windows 7

I am still running Windows 7 (Yeah, I know…) and Sonarr Ver.
It works fine for me.
What is the latest Sonarr version that I can use with Windows 7 (I know that it is not supported…)?
Should I even bother upgrading to a later version?

Yes you should absolutely upgrade (Windows and Sonarr). Sonarr v4 supports Windows 7, Sonarr v5 will not.

Hmmm… It states here that “Sonarr is supported on Windows 8.1 and Server 2012 or later.” (
Is that incorrect? Will Sonarr 4.x work fine on Windows 7?

To be on the safe side, where can I download my current Sonarr Ver., in case something goes wrong?

.net 6 which Sonarr uses is the last version that supports Windows 7 and 8.1, so it should work correctly, but v3 definitely works and is already a huge upgrade over v2.

Latest v2
Latest v3

Definitely take a backup first though given the number and impact of all the migrations there may be undetected corruption that needs to be repaired, information on that is in the FAQ.

I assume that v3 will overwrite v2 when installing?
Is it possible to have both v2 and v3 installed, in different directories of course, at the same time? If so, are there any instructions for how to accomplish this?