Kickasstorrents indexer


I found out that someone made a mirror of the old kickass torrents, I was wondering if there is any way to add this to the indexers in sonarr? The new adress is

The amount of indexers now is just too low. After kickass torrents went down I have problems finding episodes for some series.

nope, this is another clone for click-baits. Do not use these clones, you can see that they have 2 months to upload stuff and old downloads don’t work. Avoid sites like that. It is too soon for a new valid KAT site to come up.

Ah, okei.

You know any good sites?

rarbg i think works with sonarr, and then you should consider newsgroups as a better alternative

I will see what I can find, I never tried usenet or understood their system and what it does. Thanks!

https: // is up and safe. Been using it since original KAT went down and it’s fine, no ads, no malwares, all running well.

Yes but can you use in Sonarr?