Keeps downloading same files


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OS: Windows 10
Description of issue:
Sonarr keeps downloading files even after I have watched them and deleted them. I have to go to the series and toggle the episode. This should go automatic, doesn’t it?
I remember that when I add a serie, that it searchs for missing episodes. So when I add a new series it downloads all previous episodes. I can’t find the settings to change that to something else.
Could somebody tell me where to change that?


Settings > Media Management > Ignore Deleted Episodes.
Keep in mind that sonarr needs to have “seen” the episode on disk before you delete it for this to work. If memory serves, it’s the “Refresh Series” task that runs every 12 hours.

Only if you click the “add and search” button (the magnifying glass icon). If you click the “add” button next to it (the + icon) sonarr will not search for missing episodes when you add a new show.

Maybe what you mean is the “monitor” dropdown when you add a new show. The ? icon will explain the different options.


Thank you very much for this excellent and thorough answer. Just what I needed. I read the options of the “Monitor”, but can that be altered afterwards or only when adding a new series?


Afterwards you’d have to go into the series details and select/unselect episodes or entire seasons with the flag icon yourself.


Okee, clear. Thanks again.


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