Keeping Faith TV Show

Not really sure whether this is specifically a Sonarr issue or a TVDB issue. Its actually a Welsh show that has also been translated to English.
I have this show in Sonarr v3 under the English title Keeping Faith. On a seedbox i am testing out Sonarr is still sadly limited to v2 and Keeping faith gives no results (it still does in v3). You have to search for the Welsh title of Un Bore Mercher.
v3 actually picks up the show regardless of which title translation is used. .

Maybe not a solution but I noticed that someone over at the The TVDB site keeps changing the name of that TV show from English to Welsh. The show was originally in English, but it now appears that season 2 is in Welsh with English subtitles.

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Yeah cheers I just find it curious that Sonarr v3 picks the show up with the English or Welsh title and v2 only with the Welsh title. .

if you ever get weirdness like that go to the source, and find the correct show there, once you have it grab the shows id and in sonarr search on that tvdb:<id>, in this case tvdb:333383

better searching in v3

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