Keep failing health Check

So Im having a problem where shows fail the health check when they are downloading. I am currently using Newshosting, NZBGeek, NZBplanet, and NZBTortuga. I use NZBget as my grabber. Then Radarr and Sonarr.

Now I can get movies no problem. However every single show I try and download fails the health check. I dont know how to fix this problem. I could understand if it where a few here and their but its every single show I try and download nothing will pass the health check.

Does any one have any clues how I can fix this. Any solutions would be most welcome. Thank you.

Two things lead to health failing, take downs and propagation.

Take downs are common and will happen with older content, a block account will likely be your solution there.

Propagation happens with freshly posted content, setting a minimum age in Sonarr should help with that.

The problem is that some these shows like 18 days old. Again if it where one or two here or there I’d understand but I cant get anything. Im just gone have to go back to cable Tv.

“Older content” was the wrong way to state it. 18 days is plenty of time for it to be taken down; you’ll want a block account with a different provider.

it doesn’t matter I dont know what Im doing wrong and I just dont care im done watch TV and Movies. I flat out can’t get it to work. It doesn’t help if I can download old ep. So throw my hands up in the air. I turned to usernet so didn’t have to spend tons money to watch shows and movies. Now im right back where started. Ill just start reading books.

I recommend a block account for the missing blocks from take downs.

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