Just Saying Thanks!

I’ve only recently made the move over to sonarr, but have to say I’m blown away! The error handling, renaming and all the other nice little automation tasks have really streamlined my PVR setup and just wanted to say THANK YOU!

I’ve also made a small donation as already it’s miles ahead of the other options out there and just want to see it keep getting better!

Really, I’m very impressed and sorry I didn’t hear about you sooner!

Kick @$$ job Devs! Thanks to all of you!!!

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Thanks for the kinds words!

Yeah I just wanna echo his words of thanx … Sonarr is so much better than Sickbeard for me.
I’m also really digging this forum … the look & feel & that - it’s very clean, & I like how it suggests stuff as you are typing. Very clever.