Jeopardy not being grabbed


The way Sonarr is looking for releases, it looks like it uses the episode name, for example “Jeopardy! - 2017x191 - S33 Tournament Of Champions Quarterfinal Game 1” but in the torrent tracker I use, the episodes are named by date, for example “Jeopardy.2017.11.06.HDTV.x264.1032x584.mp4”. Is there any way to make it work to grab these episodes?


Set the series type to Daily and Sonarr will use the air date instead of the season + episode numbers. Only specials will attempt to use the episode name when matching (which is pretty unreliable).


Unfortunately that still does not work. I can see when I search that the title has changed from “Jeopardy! - 2017x191…” to “Jeopardy! - 11/06/2017…” but it still does not find the torrent, which is named “Jeopardy.2017.11.10.x264.HDTV.1248x704.mp4”.

Any other ideas?

It might have to do with Sonarr looking for “Jeopardy!”, when the torrent does not have the exclamation mark, so it’s “Jeopardy”


What do the logs show Sonarr searching for?


From what I can see…

“17-11-13 12:51:36.6|Info|NzbSearchService|Searching 2 indexers for [Jeopardy! : 2017-11-10]”


((Debug logs)) will show the actual requests to the indexers, that’s just a log message shown with the actual series title and airdate.


This is what I see in the debug log file…

17-11-13 14:26:07.1|Info|NzbSearchService|Searching 2 indexers for [Jeopardy! : 2017-11-10]
17-11-13 14:26:07.1|Debug|Rarbg|Downloading Feed"2017%2011%2010"&ranked=0&category=18%3B41%3B49&limit=100&token=(removed)&format=json_extended&app_id=Sonarr
17-11-13 14:26:07.1|Debug|Torznab|Downloading Feed http://xxxxxxxxxxxxx/torznab/aggregate/api?t=tvsearch&cat=5030,5040&extended=1&apikey=(removed)&offset=0&limit=100&q=Jeopardy&season=2017&ep=11/10
17-11-13 14:26:09.2|Debug|NzbSearchService|Total of 50 reports were found for [Jeopardy! : 2017-11-10] from 2 indexers

I know it says 50 reports were found but they are all different series that show up whenever nothing is found, coming from Cardigann

Maybe it has to do with it searching for “Jeopardy&season=2017&ep=11/10” instead of “Jeopardy&season=2017&ep=11.10”?

When I do a search within Cardigann of the above, the first one does not find any relevant results, while the second one does.


That is the correct search format for Newznab/Torznab. Cardigann should be translating it to a format that the indexers can understand.


Ok so essentially nothing can be done on the Sonarr side of things? I should try to get in touch with someone at Cardigann?


For the searching aspect, correct, nothing on Sonarr’s side. Yes it would be best to contact them (not sure if it’s actively worked on, Jackett may be a better choice if it’s not).

Sonarr should still grab releases from the RSS feed if seen. ((Debug logs)) of an RSS sync should show why it’s not grabbing it (if it sees it), otherwise the issue is Sonarr never saw it.


So I switched to Jackett over Cardigann and it seems to work to find the Jeopardy episodes when doing a manual search, but they are never grabbed automatically. What could be the problem there?


Really too many reasons to guess, start with looking for the relevant releases in the ((debug logs)) which will tell you whether they were seen and rejected or if it’s not there Sonarr never saw it on RSS, which would be why it missed it.


I suspect that Sonarr never saw it on RSS. It seems like none of the Jackett indexers are working for RSS, only search, because all of the automatically downloaded episodes look to be coming from Rarbg, which is my only non-Jackett indexer. Anything that could be causing this or is it likely a Jackett issue?


Bets thing would be to check how many results Jackett is returning via RSS, perhaps even disable RARBG and test if using only Jackett results in things being grabbed via RSS.


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