Jeopardy Episodes Wont Pull
UnRaid 6.9.2
Debug Logs - Not sure how to pull these

On 5/24 Sonarr stopped pulling Jeopardy but when I do a manual search I see they’re there, but I get the following pop up errors:

Release Rejected: Unable to identify correct episode(s) using release name and scene mappings

As well as

Sonarr was unable to determine which series and episode this release was for. Sonarr may be unable to automatically import this release. Do you want to grab ?

It gave me an option to “Grab” the ep but it didn’t actually pull it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated and I’m happy to upload any logs or otherwise.

in the post template that you butchered up

Sounds like you perhaps have a common searching problem or the release names are poor on your indexer