Je ne parle pas Francais!
Windows 10
Language Profile: English

Why am I getting an ever growing number of downloads in which the primary audio track is French? Recent examples include the whole second series of Warrior Nun, and most episodes of Peripheral and Avenue 5. As I stream shows to my TV there is no option to choose the audio track, and I have to abort the showing then edit the file and delete the French track manually before I can watch. It can get extremely annoying!

Would need more info in order to troubleshoot.
(Have you double checked your language profile settings?)
Example files / release names
Example manual search results
Release Profile settings

Seems like perhaps the tracker(s) you are using are not naming or tagging their releases properly.
Additionally, for multi-audio tracks it should be possible to just switch tracks. The fact that you can’t do that perhaps indicates an issue with the file/release, or the player you are using to watch.