Issues with import process

Sonarr version (exact version):
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows): Synology
OS: DSM 7.2
Debug logs:
Description of issue: Import failed, path does not exist or is not accessible by Sonarr

I have setup sonarr for the first time, but the import process keeps failing after download. This shows up in the logs:

DownloadedEpisodesImportService: Import failed, path does not exist or is not accessible by Sonarr: /downloads/sonarr

Is the issue in my remote path mapping at the Remote Path? or Local Path?


It probably helps if you link to actual debug logs to see the path, and if you can elaborate a bit on your setup (what is running where), as well as relevant settings. Right now all anyone can say is “maybe”.

Also, since it’s a first time setup and therefore you shouldn’t be losing much of anything if you have to start over, might be worth reading through

Hi thanks for much for your prompt reply. I figure I would start simple then we build out from there instead of providing way too much to read.

For download client these are my settings:
Download path: /docker/qbittorrent/downloads/complete/sonarr it is mapped to /downloads/complete

For sonarr
Path /docker/sonarr/downloads is mapped to /downloads

In remote path mappings these are the settings

Remote Path: /downloads/complete/
Local Path: /downloads/

Quick note when the download ran I had the download path mapping set at /docker/qbittorrent/downloads/complete/ and it was mapped to /downloads/complete but when the download was done it created a sonar subfolder in the download path thus /docker/qbittorrent/downloads/complete/sonarr so I am not sure if that matters?

Could you kindly direct me to how to produce the debug logs? I thought it would be just doing an export to csv from the logs tab in the container? but I figured this might be somewhere else?


If everything is on the Syno, you should not need Remote paths, as long as you do your mounts properly, which is covered in the Trash Guides link I provided.

So my recommendation would be to follow the guide, fix your mounts, should fix your issues.

Thanks, so is the remote paths really for if some apps like sonarr or plex are not on the same server then I would use that setup?

Do you see anything wrong with the mounts that I am using?

Correct; Sonarr and Downloader.

At quick glance, they don’t match so that’s your first issue. Not enough information to answer properly though.

Regardless, that’s why I linked to the guide. It should have step-by-step everything you need to figure it out and fix yourself. Read through and follow it. Set your mounts correctly for Sonarr and Downloader. Config Sonarr to work with your download client correctly per your mounts.

Thanks, but do I need to do this whole thing in terms of setting up dockers over again? I see it includes plex in there but I don’t use plex in docker. Is there just a specific area of it you would recommend I focus on in terms of fixing the mounts? I also find when I want to map a root folder for my folders on plex that it doesn’t work unless I set the PGID and PUID to 0

Well, no, it’s a guide/reference. You can follow it verbatim if you just want something that works, or you should be able to use it for guidance on best practice and how to do general setup and then adapt for your needs if you want to do a custom config.

Depending on how you’ve done your folder/user setup etc. you’ll probably still want to refer to the Syno guide for permissions etc., and then it may be beneficial to also refer to the docker guide to fix your containers/mounts.

Ok this is how I have set it up now for mounts:

Volume - /docker/sonarr/downloads
Mount - /downloads/complete/sonarr

Volume - /docker/qbittorrent/downloads/complete/sonarr
Mount - /downloads/complete/

Does this make sense? The same PUID has access to both folders(volumes)
Also in qbittorent default path to save downloads to is /downloads/complete/sonarr

Ok I seemed to make some headway. Got the download and import to work but just a few issues after that:

  1. The import did a copy instead of a move, is there any config on sonarr I need to double check this to ensure it moves instead of copy?

  2. Qbit still seems to want to keep creating sonarr subfolders for downloads, any ideas on this one?

Thanks again

Presumably your sonarr root folder (where sonar moves & sorts files into) is somewhere outside the /downloads mount, so it’s always going to be a copy rather than a move operation.
If not, is that the only mount you have in sonarr? Then that means you’re mixing downloads and root folder, you should never do that!
Check the Trash guide again for an ideal folder layout.

Apologies I should have provided the updated mounts I did:

Does this make sense?



I tried to follow the wiki example and went with this. It is importing from the downloads folder but just leaving a copy there. Is there somewhere in sonarr app itself I need to check to ensure it does a move and not a copy on the import?

That looks good :smile:

In the media management settings, is “Use Hardlinks instead of Copy” enabled? It’s an advanced setting so you may need to toggle show advanced settings at the top.

Yes it is enabled, source and destination are on the same volume. Maybe it remains there cause the torrent is still seeding/paused in the qbit queue?

Updated mounts much better, your previous iteration would still have had the same issues.

Hardlink info here, including how to check if it is a copy or a hardlink:

Thanks all. The thing I noticed with this workflow was after the import it does go into my plex library to the appropriate tv show folder, however the plex app wasn’t picking it up. Not sure if it was a coincidental occurrence or it doesn’t update the library till I break the hardlink? i.e. remove the torrent from seeding.

Thanks. I think I have to create a connection between sonarr → Plex so it notifies PMS to update the library?

I was able to test the connection, but do I need to add anything in the ‘Map Paths From’ and ‘Map Paths to’ fields?

I don’t torrent so can’t speak from firsthand experience, but AFAIK Plex should work with hardlinks, and it should not be necessary to connect PMS from Sonarr.


I believe all that should be required is to have PMS set to detect changes.

I wish that’s all that was needed. It’s weird cause if I manually just torrent (i.e. do this outside of sonarr) directly to the plex folder then it updates the library, but when doing the import nada.