Issues with folders randomly changing

Sonarr version (
Mono version (
[Debug logs] 2023-03-07 12:43:07.0|Warn|ImportApprovedEpisodes|Couldn't import episode /data/ -
Description of issue:

Unraid 6.11.5
Deluge 2.1.1

So yesterday I had everything set up between Sonarr and Deluge and was able to run some tests where i would download a file, it would finish and it would move into its appropriate folder. All is well.

Today out of curiosity I did another test, requested a download and waited for it to finish to ensure it was all still working correctly. For some reason its been broken overnight. The file is staying in Deluge in a “Paused” State, the file isnt moving and Sonarr is giving me the following error under the status tab saying "Missing Root Folder: /data/torrents/shows. The pastebin above also shows errors pointing to this folder.

The odd part is, /data/torrents/Shows is not a directory i am using anywhere.
My Directories are as follows:

Deluge downloads into /mnt/user/data/torrents
Sonarr should move these into /mnt/user/data/media/tv/“Respective show folder”

i have no idea where this “/data/torrents/Shows” error is coming from.
Here are some images of my folder setups:
Deluge download configuration:

Deluge downloads settings:

Sonarr path:

Sonarr Root Folders:

I have nothing under “Remote Path Mappings” in the Download Clients Setting page.

Can anyone help me out? Let me know if i need to provide any other information.


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