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I have a show pool kings it shows 8 seasons on TheTvDb but Sonarr pulls 5 and it screws up downloading.
Pool kings TheTVDB

It’ll update once Skyhook has updated to reflect the latest changes, but depending on why TVDB only had 5 seasons this may need to be fixed by a mapping on instead of changing TheTVDB.

How would I add a map to thexem because the shows not available on there
Edit: I’m also not a member of thexem

At this point it’s not needed, but depending why TheTVDB was so different they may revert your changes.

If one ends up being needed you’ll need to reach out to them on IRC (info is in their FAQ).

Ok thanks how long does it usually take skyhook to update

With the TVDB API caching, about 24 hours.

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