Issue with Sonarr and docker

Hi all,

I’m running a Qnap and created Docker conatainers for NZBget and Sonar. On my Qnap I have 2 Folders

1: /share/ContainerData/Sonarr (where my config data is)
2: /share/Download (my download folder)
3: /share/Download/completes/TVShows
NZBget creates its folder (intermediate/complete/…) unter “2”

The userdockeruser (UID 1004, GID 100) has R/W access to all folders

In NZBget i configured the paths like this:

Sonarr works fine with NZBget and the files get downloaded to the /share/downloads/complete folder

If I understand it correctly, Sonarr would now take over again and rename the file (currently its often “9s87hr94sidufhw94shu” and place it in the folder for TVshows “3”, correct?

But this part does not work as I get an error in Sonarr, also downloaded episodes are still shown as missing.
Also i see this error in the activity tab:

Here’s how i set up docker for NZBget and Sonarr:



One more thing: If i log onto the Sonarr Container I can access /downloads just fine and see all the folders /files nzbget created.

Any ideas? Thanks a lot in advance!!

the backslash for category 2 is the wrong way around - which may or may not make any difference

and you probably shouldnt be putting your saved files underneath the same path used for your transient files, its just asking for problems

you’d be better off with something like the following;


then you just have a mount for /media = /shared/Media for all containers and configure all the apps to use /media as their primary folder path. which also helps to allow for moving files, not just copying them

the main issue appears to be that the root folder for that series does not exist. so check that series, what is its root folder and path set to? does it actually exist in the sonarr container?

I just had a look at the log file:

Couldn't import episode /downloads/complete/The.Blacklist.S07E05.iNTERNAL.720p.WEB.H264-AMRAP English/The.Blacklist.S07E05.iNTERNAL.720p.WEB.H264-AMRAP English.mkv: Root folder '/opt/NzbDrone/Z:/radarr/' was not found.

Import failed, path does not exist or is not accessible by Sonarr: /downloads/complete/Last.Week.Tonight.With.John.Oliver.S06E28.720p.WEB-DL.AAC2.0.H.264-Doosh-Obfuscated

I do understand the first one due to the Z./radarr. i think this comes from importing settings from a previous windows installation. I guess thats sth. I have to fix. But whats the correct path?

The second message I don’t get. The path is accessible when I try via via the Docker CLI. I can e.g. remove a folder from completed

presumably something like /tv, or you could use /downloads/completed/TVShows (its the same location, just the latter will allow moves)

basically the root folders are where you want your files stored. sonarr then adds the series folder structure underneath that based on your media management settings

thnks for the clarification. Scanning existing episodes works now but I still have a permission issue… I’ll try to figure it out :wink:

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