Issue with SABNZB and Sonarr

Sonarr version:
Mono version: 6.12.0
OS: Unraid
Debug logs: Sonarr Trace Sonar Debug Sonarr

Hello all. I recently switched over to using SABnzb with Sonarr. When trying to download a file I am getting a, ‘indexer specified download client is not available’ message. I have download client set to SABNZB and I get the green check mark when I test download client in Sonarr. I tested SABNZB with Radarr and it works with no issue.

edit: I setup using trash guides.

Thank you.

This problem has been solved. For anyone else who may have this issue… check your indexers you have set in Sonarr. Make sure they are specifying a download client. Mine were set to a client that didn’t exist, in my case they were set to ‘1’ and not SABnzbd.

Better yet, unless you have multiple download clients for the same protocol, don’t set it at all as it’s not required.

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