Issue with missing Metadata

Sonarr version (exact version):
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows):
OS: Windows Server 2012 (Version 6.2 - build 9200)
Debug logs:

|ExistingExtraFileService|Found 0 extra files|10:08am|
|ExistingOtherExtraImporter|Found 0 existing other extra files|10:08am|
|ExistingSubtitleImporter|Found 0 existing subtitle files|10:08am|
|ExistingMetadataImporter|Found 0 existing metadata files|10:08am|
|DiskScanService|Completed scanning disk for Bungo Stray Dogs|10:08am|
|DiskScanService|Scanning disk for Bungo Stray Dogs|10:08am|
|RefreshEpisodeService|Finished episode refresh for series: [305075][Bungo Stray Dogs].|10:08am|
|RefreshEpisodeService|Starting episode info refresh for: [305075][Bungo Stray Dogs]|10:08am|
|RefreshSeriesService|Updating Info for Bungo Stray Dogs|10:08am|
|SceneMappingService|Updating Scene mappings|10:08am|

Description of issue: For some reason, Bungo Stray Dogs, an anime, is missing Season 0, Episode 1 in my metadata so that episode is incorrectly being assigned to Season 2, Episode 1 (that airs tomorrow). I’ve checked with TheTVDB (as I understand, that’s where Sonarr gets it’s metadata) to make sure they have it correct and they do. I don’t use any other metadata options so everything is disabled. Plex is reporting the show as correct (as it’s still named what it should be still). At one time, it was correct because Sonarr named it and placed it in the correct place, but now that episode is just missing in my Sonarr itself. Above is me trying to manually refresh the info, but no luck.

Episode 2 does appear, but Episode 1 in Season 0 is missing.

Any ideas?

Looks like it was due to data that changed and caching, it’s showing up for me right now.

I tried deleting it from Sonarr (but not deleting the files) and adding it back but it comes back the same. Is there a way to delete the cache to correct it?

At this point all the caches should have expired (and why it’s showing up properly on my end).

Oh, okay. I misunderstood. I thought you meant Sonarr was caching the metadata, but you meant theTVDB. Okay, thanks!

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