Issue accessing network folder in sonarr

Sonarr version:
Mono version:
OS: Debian 10 “Buster” headless Raspberry PI 4 Model B
Debug logs:

I got my PI 4 today and got everything up and running but now am getting "Folder is not writable by user pi ", The folder am trying to access is a mounted network folder /mnt/tattoine/file/ the owner of the folder is root:root I tried changing the owner of the folder with sudo chown -R pi:pi file but with no luck :confused:

Mounted drive in /etc/fstab

// /mnt/tattoine/file cifs username=*USER-HERE*,password=*PASS-HERE*,workgroup=WORKGROUP,users,auto,user_xattr 0 0

Am also getting a js error in sonarr when trying to import the folder / this has to bee with the read/write issue I have

Solved the issue by adding dir_mode=0777,file_mode=0777 to fstab