Is this even possible?

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OS: Win 10 x64 Home
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i have some series for which I’ve defined and required some self-defined tags, such as NTb AND AMZN - therefore (as I understand it) if series X is defined in Sonarr with both of these tags, it will require BOTH of them to show up in the rls name (in this case, serving to restrict to one rls group AND one specific source in case that rls group provides same-episode releases from multiple sources)

however, I also have series X assigned to a custom profile that includes BOTH WEB-720p AND Bluray-720p (e.g.)

my question is: is there a way to use tags/profiles/rules such that initial web releases selected by Sonarr require the p2p tags (above) vs the later Bluray releases, which I would prefer did not have the p2p selection restriction?

Tags on their own don’t do anything, but assuming you have that tag linked to release profiles that require those matches then they will both be applied and you’d be unable to get something that didn’t contain both those terms. You’d either need to use a single release profile that matches either term (in a single profile terms are ORed) or use Custom Formats to prefer those release groups.


i think this might be too complex - unless for example a series could be assigned to 2 separate profiles (WEB-720p, with added requirement of NTb AND AMZN - assoc with p2p indexer, or Bluray-720p otherwise)

can’t wrap my head around it for now