Is there any way to have Sonarr search for related resources based on the "continuing numbers"?

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OS: unRAID-Docker
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Is there any way to have Sonarr search for related resources based on the “continuing numbers”? By “continuing numbers” I mean the larger numbers in the image below.

I understand that in Sonarr, when clicking the “magnifying glass button”, Sonarr is requesting the episode numbers for the current season converted through TheXEM.

I hope that Sonarr can accommodate websites similar to “SubsPlease”.For those Magnet URI schemes that only have “continuing numbers”, Sonarr can recognize the correct episode and accurate number when manually adding them to the downloader. In other words, the only obstacle we face is that Sonarr does not focus on “continuing numbers” during automatic searches. This is really frustrating.

In China, there are even some proactive developers who have developed programs to “process the RSS or Torznab return results” to accommodate Sonarr. For example:jproxyxarr-rss

In the post below, the respondent replied that “RSS can capture continuing numbers”, and after trying it, I feel the experience is not good, possibly because I only added Torznab-type indexers, and I don’t know if enabling RSS search would be effective.

Edit the show and use absolute number and you will get thia functionality. Although for the demon slayer anime every season has a name so using season, episode is better for one piece I am using the absolute number settings from and it downloads it without any problems

Are you using RSS? I have also successfully used RSS to download videos. But I am powerless when it comes to both automated search and manual search.

Yes it doesn’t work without RSS being turned on in the indexers. I also use Prowlarr for the indexers. Here are a couple of screenshots of the indexer in prowlarr and one piece show. Also if you want to link specific indexer to a show just put a tag in the indexer in my case I want tag “anime” to be linked to so any anime show I put I just put the the tag “anime” and it knows it will use only this indexer for that show.

Thank you for providing the configuration, but the purpose of my post is to hope for more support for “consecutive numbers”.

To be honest, a completely “personalized” sonarr configuration is too complex, requiring understanding of many “terminology” concepts.

I feel that maybe 95% of people are not aware of the “absolute numbers” of automatic searching and the “consecutive numbers” of RSS support. This makes me a bit discouraged.

Well you wanting auto downloading of pirated shows it takes a bit of reading and figuring things out. But stuff works.