Is Sonarr right for me?

Hi guys,

So currently on my NAS I’m having to manually check all of my TV Shows to ensure that I have the up-to-date seasons so I need something that will notify/show me when my TV Shows are missing seasons so that I can manually update them (I know Sonarr can do this automatically however I will do this manually) so I just need something to show me the seasons that I am missing - another thing I have my HDD’s to sleep after 60minutes and I have read that Sonarr periodically checks (12 hours that I read) so does that mean Sonarr will keep polling my HDD’s waking them as I do not want this or even preventing them from sleeping?

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Sonarr won’t notify you something is missing, but it can show you.

It’s not constantly scanning them, so they should sleep fine. You’ll want to keep Sonarr application data (database, logs, etc) on something that won’t sleep sicne logs are written more frequently and tasks that Sonarr needs to schedule are written to the database.

Great and yeah by notifying that’s what I meant just show me whats missing :slight_smile: I don’t want any notifcations’ just to be able to see whats missing so you think sonarr will be my best bet?

Worth trying at least, not sure it will fit your bill exactly since it’s typically used to find and import, but it can operate without doing that.

Thanks, I will do. I can’t seem to find any other application/plugin that will do what I need.

Okay so all installed nut this is what I am worried about so after every 12 hours it will refresh so I’m assuming my HDD’s will be spooled if they are sleeping, right?

As long as Sonarr is running and the directory listings aren’t cached in a way that prevents the disk from spinning up, then yes.

Sonarr will only query the directory listings, compare it to what it knows about the files on disk and move to the next series if there aren’t any changes, if there are changes it’ll process the file and import it.

I’m curious why you’re worried/stuck on it waking the drives up twice a day though.

Thanks and I’ll take a look to see if it does spool them up or not, many thanks for all your help. And I just don’t want it spooling my disks up when not needed as the spool up is one of the biggest things that deteriorate your drives :smiley:

I wouldn’t be too worried about the drives spooling up deteriorating your drives. It would depend more on the drives themselves. I run a raid on my Synology Diskstation - 2 x 2tb hard drives. The raid means the run almost constantly making sure the 2nd drive is an exact copy of the 1st. I have had the same hard drives since new over 5 years ago and both drives still pass all the checks - no bad sectors, no drop in performance. As long as you don’t use one of the ‘green’ hard drives that designed not to be spun up as often and the standard drives to save on power and run quietly. You can find more information on the different types of drive that are available and what they are best used for on the following link, its based on the Western Digital colour system but give you a good run down of the differences.

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Yeah I’m running decent drives, Seagate IronWolfs (not raid just ext4) as I have offline backup to external HDD’s. I just dont like spooling them up for something that I dont feel relevant :smiley:

From what I’ve read, spinning up and down often leads to more issues than just letting them run, though running uses more power, so that’s something to take into account if your power costs are high. Those even Backblaze doesn’t conclude that power cycles lead to failures:

Yeah I agree but my NAS tends to only be used occasinally so it may only be used once a week or so at times, I can understand if they were being spooled up and down a few times everyday but one a week or so it makes much more sense to have them idle down :smiley:

UPDATE: It did spool my drives up so I’ve removed Sonarr a shame really as it was nice software but I didn’t like the fact that I couldn’t alter the rescan although I get why it is like that but for my use it wasnt ideal. - Thanks to everyone for the support though.

Why not just use with either a personal or dummy account.

I wasn’t sure if would do what I wanted to? I will certainlly check it out tho.