Is it possible to tell Sonarr to stop upgrading episodes of a season or series?

I recently upgraded to v3 and I’ve tried out the preferred keywords which work, sort of. Sometimes Sonarr will grab a WEBDL that is acceptable quality to me and I dont need it to go looking for anything better unless there’s a bluray release. But then it will see another WEBDL a day later that contains one of my preferred keywords, AMZN. Sonarr will then try to redownload the episode. Luckily I keep SABnzbd on pause so I can review what Sonarr is sending over. I have capped bandwidth, otherwise I wouldnt really care that much. So then I see, oh, Sonarr has found an AMZN version that is the same file size as the one I already have, so I’ll just delete this from my queue. Other times I like that Sonarr has found an AMZN version because its a larger file and in that case I’ll let it download.

Is there a way for me to do this a little more efficiently?

And then there’s the issue of sometimes I stumble across an x265 download and I decide to grab the whole season of x265’s. I think soon I will get more x265’s but for now its just kind of random. So I grab the whole season of x265 videos. Then I’d like to tell Sonarr not to upgrade anymore unless I have bluray in the profile and it finds bluray sometime in the future. This is because Sonarr, probably the next day, will try to replace the files I just got with a WEBDL x264 AMZN. I wish each season had a button or checkbox that would let me tell Sonarr to stop upgrading.

Maybe there’s a more efficient way of doing this?

tl;dr summary:

  1. How do I tell Sonarr, “Hey I already found a sub Bluray quality release on my own that I like, dont replace it until you find a bluray release.”

  2. How do I prevent Sonarr from replacing something with a preferred keyword release just because it finds that keyword on a file a day later that is similar size? I increased Minimum Age to 300 under Settings->Indexers in hopes that this would cut down on multi-downloads of the same episode.

Monitor/unmonitor flag at show, season or episode level, that has been in sonarr forever.