Is it normal for Sonarr to sometims load in 1 second, and sometimes in 20-40 seconds?

I’m wondering if it’s expected behavior that on a page refresh for Sonarr to load almost instantly sometimes, and in 20-40 seconds other times.

How long would you expect it to take to load with the following specs:

Dedicated linux server
6 core Xeon, 32gb ram
radarr installed on nvme
2000 shows in Sonarr
~1000 torrents in rTorrent

Should it always load pretty instantly? Before making a dedicated thread with proper logs and such, I want to know if I’m actually experiencing something unexpected, or if just by having long load times sometimes, it’s obvious there’s a bottleneck somewhere.

Please fill out the forum post template that you blew away.

You’ve provided no information for anyone to possibly help you.

Most likely when it loads quick, its cached in your browser or you’ve already loaded the page.

The initial load of the UI will always take longer as there’s a ton of API calls and data to load. After that, that tab will be relatively speedy.

I’m just asking for more specificity. How long is within expectations for the initial load? How long is too long?

As long as it takes. There’s no set threshold as there are an infinite number of variables…number of series, episodes, and every other configurable aspect in sonarr, history quantity, blocklist quantity, what sonarr is doing, system IO resources, system CPU resources, system network resources, network overhead, network lag. To name a few.

Network calls in the browser dev tools combined with trace logs will show you everything that is being called and the timing for it