Irellevant Results

Sonarr version (exact version): latest release
OS: Windows
Description of issue:
Just wondered if anyone has any ideas what might be causing huge amounts of irellevant results to be displayed. Some results being returned are entires seasons of random TV shows, even way outside the specified file size range coming in at 46GB. But they all come up with a red exclamation point displaying various errors:
‘Unknown series’
‘Episode wasn’t requested’
‘Wrong Series’

Just wondered given that Sonarr knows these are wrong, why are they displaying/being filtered. It’s making searches take much longer.

For instance searching for:
Last Week Tonight With John Oliver - 6x13 - Episode 162

Returned results such as:







its the indexer

some of them, when there are no matches to what was searched for, return a list of random garbage.
its probably not random but it is annoying.

Well there was about 15 correct results returned and it was able to Grab one of them fine. I only noticed the problem when I went in to do a manual search for a higher quality and that was when I found it drowning in all the garbage.

do you have more than one indexer setup?

if so then its possible its just one having the issue and sending back the junk, the good stuff is from ones that are working ok. were the junk results tagged as coming from the same indexer as the good results, or a different indexer?

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