IP Torrents RSS Feed: Base URL not correct format

Sonarr version (exact version):
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows):
OS: Synology DSM 6.2.2-24922 Update 4
Debug logs: N/A
Description of issue: Trying to ass IP Torrents RSS feed as an Indexer, but getting the Base URL is not correct error.

I am just using Sonarr for the first time ever today, and would like to set up an RSS index from IP Torrents. There’s even a selection in Sonarr to add it, but it keeps telling me the URL is incorrect even though I’m copy/pasting it from the correct place in IP Torrents. I put this same exact URL into Synology’s Download Station app’s RSS feed manager, and it works fine. Why doesn’t it work in Sonarr?


The URL validation fails because they changed the URL at some point and v2 was not updated to utilize it, v3 has been updated, but is not available for Synology currently (because it’s still in beta), you could set it up in docker though.

Ok, cool. I’ve just started learning about Docker… I’m not a coder or anything, but it’s definitely a steep learning curve at the moment. Closest thing I’ve done in terms of something like this is setup of virtual machine or use Parallels or something. I found someone on another forum who seems to have a setup that matches what I want to do, and I’ve asked them for some help. So hopefully, I can get it sorted.

But thanks for the info! Any chance the Synology app will get updated as well, that you know of?

It will once v3 is out of beta, SynoCommunity won’t publish a v3 package before then though.

Right on, thanks. I actually started using the v3 beta and Jackett to generate the feeds I need. So far so good!

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