Invalid IMDB ID in Series Name


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OS: Ubuntu 16.04.5
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Name: Walt Disney Treasures - Silly Symphonies (1929) [][359535]
Naming Format: {Series TitleYear} {[ImdbId]}{[TvdbId]}


That information comes from TheTVDB, and by the looks of it, that TVDB ID has been nuked.


Looks like you are right, can’t seem to find it via search on TVDB. Was this a proxy caching issue then?

Can this absence be handled on the Sonarr side?


The absence of what? If the IMDB ID doesn’t exist then Sonarr won’t add it, but when someone sets it to something TVDB deems is valid and returns it’ll be included.

<IMDB_ID></IMDB_ID> is what their API shows for that particular series.


Got it. Can the ID instead be validated before being added then?


We might be able to avoid returning it from Skyhook if it’s not valid, looks like there are a lot of garbage ones.


Done, both tt & nm prefixes.


Excellent. Thanks a lot.

Would it be possible to do this for the TVMaze IDs too? I haven’t actually encountered any erroneous ones yet, just asking as a precaution.


Not necessarily, the tvmazeids don’t come from TheTVDB.


Ok, thanks again.

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