Intendet Behaviour? Ignoring Custom Format Score for met Quality Requirement

Sonarr version (exact version):
OS: debian

Hey everyone,

I did setup some Custom Formats like this but with custom pointrs.
TLDR: My settings prefer “German Only” > “German & English” > “English only”.

I noticed however, that sonarr does not download releases which would increase the Score because the Quality Requirement with the File already Downloaded is already met.

This does seem like a bug, or at the very least, unintented behaviour to me.

Sonarr should in my opinion prioritize custom format score over the Quality-Met-Setting and not reject releases because of this.
Custom formats is the suggested way to have “Language Profiles” which is fair, but this behaviour renders this kinda useless.

I’d appreciate if this is fixed in an upcoming update.

Thank you!

If the quality profile doesn’t allow upgrades that would prevent it from upgrading for a quality or CF score upgrade.

My profiles allow upgrades. That’s exactly the reason why I’m posting here; the behaviour of sonarr doesn’t make sense to me and is unexpected.

The workaround currently is to delete the files in question either on disk or via sonarr and do an automated search. This time it does pickup the files with German+English as expected.

That’s at least what I tried today and it worked.

Please post a screenshot of your quality profile as well as some trace logs that include the rejection of that release.

I cant provide you with a log now, because every time I try to get an english only release sonarr overwrites it with the german one and sends that one to the queue.

Here is however the screenshots from the Quality Profiles I use.

The “cutoff” for your Custom Formats is 0, so as soon as anything is grabbed that will be met and you’d only get an upgrade in quality until Bluray 1080 is reached.

Yeah that’s the issue I’m describing and the unexpected behaviour. Why aren’t the custom formats taken into account for a language upgrade when I have an English only locally but there are German and German+English available which would boost the score?

With your profile the cutoff for any CF upgrade is already met, if you want to upgrade to a high scored release you need to raise the cutoff for CFs above 0.

Right I understand, thank you.

I’m sorry but thats not very intuitive, is it?

I mean one needs to set up:
Custom Formats
Put thes custom formats into every Quality Profile where they are used
Set a Score for these Custom Formats
And then for them to finally be active set a score in earch Quality Profile.

It would, in my opinion at least, be a bit more straightforward if the custom formats and scores are simply used until the maximum possible points are fullfilled.

I’m sure me and a lot of people would appreciate a more straightforward solution to this. To be fair: I don’t know anything about the reasoning behind this. But the current steps to achieve this seem to be unneccesarly many.

Thank you for your consideration.

If there is no cutoff then things upgrade forever, which catches people off guard. If you want effectively no limit set the value to a really large number.

And taking the existing custom formats with already set points into this equation to not upgrade forever is not possible?

I mean the Moment when the priorities are worked out in the Quality List with the Custom Parameters surley there would be a way to not go into an endless upgrade routine, no?

You can set the cutoff to whatever value you want. By default it will not upgrade on CF score, same as it doesn’t upgrade quality by default either.

Yes I understood what I can do on my end. I’m just asking what can be done on sonarrs end in terms of making it a bit more intuitive.

IMHO it shouldn’t be neccesarry to, after setting up custom formats and assign points to them, to set up a threshhold score. The threshhold score seems to be unneccesary to me and I don’t understand why Sonarr would fall into an endless upgrade loop.

I’m suggesting that the existing Scores can be used to check for better releases until the maximum possible score is reached. Lets stay on my example:
German Only: +1000
German & English: + 800
English only: +100

Let’s say Sonarr found and downloaded an english release a few days ago. With the next scan on monitored Series/Episodes it checks the total possible points which would be 1000.
Currently its only at 100 Score so sonarr checks, and if it finds something that increases the score, it grabs the release and downloads it.

If it can’t find releases which would increase the score it doesn’t download it.

Minimum thresholds are needed for those who want to reject some releases that don’t meet their requirements. To use your example, a French-only release would score 0, and so if you wanted only EN, DE, or EN-DE, you could reject that FR release.

Maximum thresholds are needed for those who might have a preference for something (e.g. DE), but so long as it meets a certain standard (e.g. EN-DE) they don’t want any further upgrades.

Most custom formats aren’t going to be mutually exclusive, e.g. EN, HDR, x265, WEB, RlsGrp, etc., so you can’t just use whatever the highest score is as a cutoff.

The current solution allows endless possibilities, and requires a few keystrokes for the most basic of setups.