Install Sonarr v4 Beta on Ubuntu

Sonarr version 3.09.1549:
Ubuntu 22.04
Sorry for probably a noob question, but I am not sure how exactly to install Sonarr v4 in my Ubuntu server.
I stopped the service, copied files to /usr/sonarr/bin and tried to restart service but nothing happens. I think the service is still using sonarr.exe which is not in v4 it seems. Could be leftover from v2 and i never removed it, but not sure how the service is installed or how to update it. Been running fine on v3 for a while. Upgraded from v2 and that went well.

Any tips on how to get v3 to v4? Much appreciated.

Anyone able to help with some basic instructions on upgrading 3 to 4?

It’s going to be pretty close to the Radarr hands on install on their wiki: Radarr Installation | WikiArr

You can’t just drop v4 files on top of v3 files.

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Thanks. That was really helpful. Got it running now. Much appreciated.

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