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I had a quick look through the forums and could not find a request that was like this so my apologies if i missed it.

I would like to see an option to have a specific indexer search for a series. For example, I have about 10 indexers to search from, however, I know that the show I am watching is pretty much only on one indexer (Nyaa) but when searching it will still scape the other 9, when it would just fine for this particular show to just search the one. So perhaps like when you “Add new series” there could be an option to choose which indexer out of the list added to scrape or a “Leave blank for all” option.

So is there a downside to searching them all other than the few seconds it takes to do so (one that i am just not aware of)?

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There is not really any downside. The current method works great!. I guess for me with terrible internet as well as data limits, when I have added a show that has alot of popularity it can sometimes take a couple minutes to process all of the releases. This too can sometimes lead it to grabbing something weird unless there are loads of rules set. However upon reflection I suppose it is a little rude of me to just kinda request it like this so please forgive my impertinence. Still at least the thought is out there.

No need to apologize bud. I was simply looking for the “why” really for something that seems very minimal. I can understand with data limits and a slow internet connection the request but i dont think of things like that as i have 1GB up/down fiber

Is it not possible to consolidate some of the indexers? I mean i use only 1 lol

Yeah, I chopped it down to about 7. I find that sometimes when looking for old or obscure shows just having the 1 or 2 indexers can be a bit punishing. But when majority of the shows I watch only come in reliable quality on one indexer, I would find a function like the one I have requested to be very useful. Also my internet connection on a good day is like maybe 10mbps but most days more like 1-3mbps (megabits not Bites just incase :stuck_out_tongue: ) hence the delay in searches.

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