Indexer specified download client is not available

Sonarr version
Mono version 6.12.0
OS: Container in Docker on UNRAID

Sonarr was working fine and now it has just stopped. I have 14 things stuck in my queue that have not been sent to sabNZB. When I go to manually click to download in sonarr is says “Indexer specified download client is not available”.

I have set up the sabNZB as the download client the same as radarr and when i push the test button it says it is okay.

I am totally at a loss. I have restarted the containers, rebooted the server, deleted the download client from sonarr and added it again…nothing.

[2023-11-23 17:39:12.2|Info|RefreshSeriesService|Skipping refresh of series: Hard -](https://Log file)

In the indexer settings you’ve explicitly set a download client to be used with that indexer, that download client is not available.

Unless you have multiple clients and you want some indexers to use a specific client you should unset that, otherwise address the issue that prevents Sonarr from accessing that download client.

Thanks markus101, I really appreciate the help.

I just worked it out based on what you said. it took me a while but I think i have it now.

Big thank you!

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