Indexer issues...multiple fails and adding?

Hi All

I’ve setup multiple entries for indexers… some fail a lot… some don’t.

I have 3 questions…

  1. I have seen an old post that allows it to add all available Jackett indexers… in one go to sonarr… is that even possible as the settings on the thread don’t work… and the url/setup also seems old.

  2. Is there a way to disable an indexer if it fails a certain number of times in a period we set? so… 3 times in 7 days… or 6 times in 4 days… ? that way… we can ignore it… and not ask to test all each time… (btw… i preferred having the test all in the status page rather than it now being removed and only back on the indexers page)

  3. I know nzbplanet is invite only to join… does anyone have an account and able to invite?

Thanks everyone