Indexer issue when category doesnt return results

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OS: docker -

im trying to alter the values on one of my indexers but it wont save because that category isnt currently returning any results. the query runs ok - even the error message says it does - but sonarr will not save my changes (priority and number of seeders) because of that.

Query successful, but no results were returned from your indexer. This may be an issue with the indexer or your indexer category settings.

if i change it to also include a category that i know has lots of data (ie as well as the one that doesnt) it saves without any issues - so we can tell the indexer itself is returning working ok. (but now i have an indexer setup with the wrong category)

i would expect this “error” to be a warning, and save the data, not barf an error and not let me save my changes.

is there a reason behind this “error” being a hard error and stopping the saving of the indexer data?

note - since radarr went v3 they now also suffer the same issue.

Untick Enable RSS (possibly the other search options as well, it’s been a while), click save, let it fail, click save again, it will save, reopen it and enable RSS, save, fail, save, job done.

thanks. not exactly something i would think of doing but it works.

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