Indexer and client resiliance


It seems Sonarr is too quick to disable indexers and the download client.

I see these errors all the time and as soon as I test them they work perfectly.

Is there some setting to never disable indexers or download client?

All services are local so this must be happening during service startup or something.

I manage a few setups for my family and they always have these failure that sonarr never seems to retry, as they always work when I test them manually.

Would love if anything could be done.


Sonarr slowly backs off when disabling an indexer or download client and only when it fails multiple times in a row. Starting at 5 minutes, up to 24 hours for subsequent failures.

You’ll need to look at the log files to determine why it’s failing multiple times in a row.

There is not, and there aren’t plans for such a toggle.


This installation resides on the same machine as a Radarr instance, Radarr never disconnects from Deluge, yet Sonarr does all the time.

Does Sonarr eventually try the indexer or download client again ever, because in my experience the whole application is dead until manual intervention.

There is nothing wrong with my download client and it is up and running all the time. I suspect it’s something to do with the startup or shutdown process.


I believe the logic to disable download clients was added after Radarr forked the code and they likely never pulled it in.

Yes, constantly through the process, when it gets disabled for 5 minutes initially it’s used again after that 5 minutes is up, if it fails it’s disabled for longer, and so on, but if it succeeds after a failure it’s no longer disabled.


OK well that makes me feel better, maybe I am worrying about something that I should just ignore…


You’ll want to check the logs to see why the indexer/download client failed and how often.

@markus101 I think we should cap the backoff to 5-10 minutes after startup, or not let it backoff at all during those first 5 minutes. That should make the startup a bit cleaner with respect to startup sequence delays.


That’d definitely help the race on start up.


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