Incorrect naming scheme for Food Wars (anime)


Latest version Sonarr on Win server 2012

Regarding the anime “Shokugeki no Souma”, Sonarr is detecting season 1 for the files on my system, however I have only season 3 of the show on my system.

Here is a screenshot showing this:

However, manual search gives the very same file name priority which it considers as season 1 (i.e. it picks up the correct season 3 episode when downloading but considers the same episode to be of season 1 when renaming)


@markus101 I believe this is expected due to it being in the series folder instead of manual import, right?

@flyingtaco Sonarr assumes that the series folder is numbered according to thetvdb. That’s why you see it parse the absolute episode number ‘24’ as such, otherwise it should’ve been ‘61’.
During import from outside the series folder it assume ‘scene’ numbering and uses thexem to map the scene numbering to tvdb numbering.


Yeah, the series title is ignored when importing from the series folder, so the numbering needs to match TheTVDB’s.


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