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I have a similar problem to the person here but with the TV show “Paw Patrol”.

In short, Sonarr wants to rename S01E01 to S01E01-02, despite the fact that thetvdb has a matching S01E01 entry. I’ve double checked the file and it’s exactly one episode long.

If I rename the file back to S01E01 then Plex happily finds the correct thetvdb metadata and displays it.

The problem isn’t limited to one episode and one season. However I’ve not had any issue with other shows, just Paw Patrol.

Could this be skyhook serving up old cached content?


More likely due to


Apologies, I don’t understand what that site is showing. The FAQ and Docs section aren’t particulary informative!

If I’ve got a file which is S01E01, thetvdb confirms that S01E01 is valid, Plex confirms S01E01 is valid and even Sonarr’s own show list confirms S01E01 is valid - is there any way to stop Sonarr from incorrectly trying to rename it as two episodes?



Season 1 episode 1 from “the scene” (the groups that release episodes) actually contains two shorter episodes, season 1 episodes 1 & 2.

If your file is really only the first half then you can use manual import to import the files and override Sonarr’s decision or copy them to the series folder manually and rename.


Ahhh, the perils of loading the page on a mobile device! Thanks.

I don’t know what release that is, but it’s not the one I have (which are all individual episodes and no merging). I’ll modify them manually, but there are quite a lot :slightly_frowning_face:

I’m not sure what the rationale for using that data is (and I’m not criticising) but it does look a bit odd when everything (including Sonarr) is telling you that your filename is mapped to a valid episode and then it comes out as something else!


The rationale is the episodes when released are combined in almost every case, if you’ve ripped them yourself then they wouldn’t be, but Sonarr doesn’t know that and treats anything outside the series folder as being double episodes in this case and anything inside would be treated exactly as named.


Apologies if I wasn’t clear.

I didn’t rip them, I added the show to Sonarr and they were automatically searched for, downloaded and renamed by Sonarr.

Unfortunately Sonarr renamed the files using that site data which is what has got me into the mess I am now. I have many single episodes across multiple seasons wrongly renamed as double episodes.

I’ll admit I don’t fully understand the logic that you use, but at first blush it feels like there is something not quite right going on.

If I’m right then I’m more than happy to provide you with whatever information you need - but, at the same time, I don’t want to keep pushing it if this logic of changing filenames is completely intentional.

Let me know if you want anything from me.



Gotcha, for this series and those particular releases that’s the exception not the norm and Sonarr renamed them following the most common numbering for releases.

At this point you can either move the files out of the series folder, refresh the series and then use Manual Import to import the files and correct the numbering Sonarr thinks the files are in, alternatively you could rename the files on disk and rename.


Okay cheers, will do what you suggest. Thanks for helping out! :grinning:

Out of interest, why do you use the thexem data rather than just extracting the title, season and episode number from the filename and querying thetvdb? I’m struggling to understand what situation it solves.


We do extract that information, but often what the TVDB doesn’t match how the episodes are released, thexem fixes that.

For an example using this exact series.

Paw Patrol aired the first episode in a single 30 minute block, but inside that block were two different 15 minute stories (including commercial time).

This release for “episode 1” PAW.Patrol.S01E01.720p.WEB-DL.AAC.2.0.H264-BgFr actually contains episodes 1 and 2 on TheTVDB due to how they handle the episodes. If Sonarr didn’t use when importing you’d end up with only half the episodes in the series.

Not all releases are done this way (such as Paw.Patrol.S01E01E02.1080p.NF.WEB-DL.DD5.1.x264-LAZY), but there isn’t a system to handle both scenarios and as long as that mapping is active it will override anything directly from TheTVDB.

It may be time to remove the mapping on, but that’d be something you’d need to discuss in their IRC server.


Thank you!

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