Include "Downloaded nzb..." line in info log for statistics

Hi, I would like to make a program for parsing the log files in order to generate statistics about the usage of my indexers. Unfortunately the line which displays this info is only included if I enable debug logging, which slows down Sonarr a lot and creates huge log files. Would it be possible to include this line in the Info level logs? Specifically I’m thinking about the line that looks like this:

19-5-11 13:11:41.7|Debug|Sabnzbd|Downloaded nzb for episode ‘’ finished (9999 bytes from

I’m on the phantom-develop branch.

I’ve never seen a slow down and run with trace logging all the time and it’s only 50MB of disk space (1MB x50 files).

Using the history API endpoint would be better than parsing a log file.

Thanks, I wasn’t aware of the API.

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