Importing unpacked files automatically now that drone factory is gone

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OS: Linux?
Description of issue:
So i have it set up like this:
Sonarr downloads: /files/TV/
Unpacked: /files/Unpacked/tv-sonarr/
Sonarr store: /files/Sonarr/

With v2 i used drone factory on /files/Unpacked/tv-sonarr/ to have it pick up automatic unpacking by the torrent client. Now it’s removed and i can’t really think of a good solution to this, i don’t want to resort to unpacking to the torrent download directory, it gets too messy.

Will there ever be an official solution to this? It’s very rare that people post about this too, which i find really weird.

Unpacking to a temporary directory and then using a custom script to clean up after may be your best option.

You could use a remote path mapping to remap to another folder, but it’d remap everything, including torrents that aren’t rared.

This is pretty in-depth, but doesn’t cover everything:

It says to use drone factory, which is now gone from V3. That’s how i had it set up previously.

My torrent program automatically unpacks to /files/Unpacked/tv-sonarr/ when it’s done downloading, i just need something that imports it into sonarr (like drone factory)

From the same guy (commented on that thread):

I see, it’s still a hackjob. I’ll start manually importing series instead.

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