Importing files grabbed outside of Sonarr


Mono Version 4.2.3
AppData directory /home/greg/.config/NzbDrone
Startup directory /opt/NzbDrone

Sonar keeps wanting an existing show. I don’t know how to tell sonarr its there. This happens when I manually download a show that sonarr failed to find and forget to tell sabnzbd that its for TV instead of default.

I have tried updating the library but that didn’t do it.

Thank you…


Either use Manual Import to have Sonarr import it, or move the files manually to the series folder and rescan the series.

Debug logs will show you why files weren’t imported.


Thanks for the reply!

Now all I have to do is find the re-scan thing. I thought updating the library would do it and was wrong. I will find it and do it as the shows are in the series folder.

thanks again!


Update series and scan disk. Since you already did that, do it again and check the debug logs.



I did it again and failed. I should add that when I look at the series it shows a purple line in the status column. Its been there for 2 days. The file is in the series folder and I can’t figure out how I tell sonarr that the download it thinks is there failed so I deleted all the failed files, went out, found it, downloaded it and put it into the series folder. This one is for the.circus.s03e05

then there is Barry s01e05 which I have not downloaded. It shows me lots of episodes to download but, when I choose to download it won’t let me (and I can’t remember what I choose to manually download but even when I got there I was not allowed). If I go out and find it myself, and manually download it, then put it into the series folder it will ignore it and the sonarr purple download line will remain. No amount of updating works and so I am currently downloading it a again.

Mysteries abound!

Sorry, I forgot. I can live with this as, when I put a file I manually downloaded into the series folder kodi has no problem with it. The only problem is sonarr and, again, I can just ignore the problem and keep on going. Just thought I would add that .


I don’t see a series refresh in that log file…

Sonarr thinks it’s still in the queue, you can see the queue status of it on Activity: Queue, but that tells me it’s probably in the correct category in the download client and possiby unable to import because the files were moved.

If Sonarr sees the download in your download client, but doesn’t import it, it will show it as queued until it’s imported by Sonarr or removed from the download client.

If something shows up in Sonarr’s queue or calendar or series page with a progress bar you can import it with Manual Import from Activity: Queue or Wanted: Missing (prefer the first option when possible). Moving it yourself will ensure Sonarr never sees it as properly imported and not what you want.


I am not sure what you mean by “series refresh” I’ll root around. Sometimes I get a download that fails but seems to happen after the entire download. When that happens I delete the file(s) from my system and then manually go out and find them. Anyway, when a download fails like that sonarr is, I think, looking for the file in the series folder and its not there. It just keeps on looking I guess. Most of the time I am able to fix it by going to active (I think) and deleting it with the little red ‘x’. I did go through a period when I couldn’t delete anything from there but that seems to have fixed itself.

Thanks for the reply! (its all done with smoke and mirrors)


Sonarr never looks for the file in the series folder, unless that’s where your download client is putting it and it shouldn’t do that, let Sonarr sort from a different directory.


I think you may have hit on it as I think I have sab doing that. I will check…

thank you!

I have added:

     Host               Remote Path        Local Path ~/video/complete/ /mnt/data/TV/

I’ll see if that works.

I now know why I am not able to update - there is no little control as you have outlined in the picture you sent. Hopefully I have sent my picture.


Try another browser? Could be a plugin or setting causing issues.
Sonarr will rerun the refresh automatically every 12 hours, so it would have done it by now.


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