Importing - Best Guess EXT when missing

Just ran into this error on 2 new imports from Sabnzbd

Couldn't import episode /mnt/downloads/tvshows/SpongeBob.SquarePants.S13E19.C.H.U.M.S.WEBDL.1080p.h264-S1PH3R.1/sGLKZ7f0ki2PV2hrnqCzH1: The string can't be left empty, null or consist of only whitespaces.
Parameter name: extension

Would be nice if it gave us the option to define a extension or used a best guess from keywords in the file name.

e.g. h264 = either avi or mkv

Also even if it were to get the extension wrong, most media players now would still be able to decode/play it as they generally dont require an ext to identify the codec/video type.

Basically requesting a “Best Guess” autofill option, and/or a field when importing files like these where we can specify one

Your download client should handle deobfuscating the files.

The download client can deobfuscate it all it wants but it cant add an ext when there is none there

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