Imported wrong series. Sonarr moves and renames episode to completely different series

Sonarr version (exact version):
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows):
OS: Linux (on a synology NAS)
Debug logs:
Description of issue: I recently migrated from sonarr on a windows PC that worked perfect to a Synology NAS that is butchering all of my currently downloaded series. Sonarr now is importing a completly different series already on my drive to something that I recently downloaded. See image below of my activity/history.

Notice how it is moving and renaming
Prison.Break.S01E02 to Last.Week.Tonight.with.John.Oliver.S06E22.
Also notice below that as to how it has done this 6 different times in 20 minutes. After downloading Last.Week.Tonight.with.John.Oliver.S06E22 Sonarr moved and renamed 6 completely different episodes on my synology.
The same thing happened with America’s Got Talent and every other show that downloads
These errors only occur when Sonarr has completed download handling enabled

This is really screwing up everything in my TV folder and I am about to uninstall Sonarr on my Synology and go back to using it on my Windows PC if this issue cannot get resolved. I am at my wits ends so any help from anyone would be greatly appreciated.

Debug log

It looks like you’re mixing sorted and unsorted files in the same directory.

Best guesses at the cause:

  • Drone factory is set to /volume1/TV
  • Your download client is telling Sonarr to look in volume1/TV for a specific download instead of a job folder
  • A script is telling Sonarr (via the API) to import from volume1/TV for a specific download instead of a job folder

First thing, separate sorted and unsorted files, you should never mix them.

Thanks for the response.
Drone factory is disabled and I don’t have any post processing scripts so these can’t be the problem.
I do have some files mixed in the same directory so I guess that is part of the problem. It just seems crazy that Sonarr would move and rename so many different files after only processing a single download.

Since posted here, I separated my series to their own folders and disabled my download client (Sabnzbd) from sorting and renaming the files and set Sonarr to rename episodes.
Sonarr has now processed one new download and it all seemed to work properly. I’m going to cross my fingers and hope it continues to work.

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