Import failed: path does not exist or is not accessible by sonarr

Sonarr version (exact version):
OS: Docker 25.0.3 running on Deb 12 VM on proxmox
Debug logs: sonarr error -
Description of issue:
docker-compose yml file: version: "3"services: gluetun: image: qmcgaw/gluetun container_na -
I have docker and portainer running on a smb mount:

  • mnt

    • prox-share


                             -{tv, movies, books, music}
                             -{tv, movies, books, music}

I also created the root media folder on sonarr settings as /data/media/tv (named as data in compose file)
qbittorrent downloads directly to /torrents (named as /downloads in compose file)
user 1000 running sonarr has permissions for arr-stack directory:

I also have a feeling that this might be related as well:

But that doesn’t make sense to me, since in the docker-compose configuration file, I did put the volume as /mnt/prox-share/media/docker/arr-stack , which should include /torrents/tv.

tried everything, but always import failed. any help with this issue? I want to try configuring this, and if all else fails, then run remote host, but I would want do it without.

Thanks !

But Sonarr doesn’t know that because it only knows about /data, /torrents/tv isn’t in data for far as it knows.

If qbit instead had:

/mnt/prox-share/docker/arr-stack/torrents:/data/downloads or /mnt/prox-share/docker/arr-stack/torrents:/data/torrrents` then it’d be able to find it.

Definitely take a look at trash’s guides on this, it covers the best practices: Docker - TRaSH Guides

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